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SN Celebrates International Nurses’ Day with a Cap-giving Ceremony for Nursing Students

Author: Posttime:2019-05-13 19:48:00 View Count:178

    On the afternoon of May 11, in order to welcome the 108th International Nurses’ Day, the School of Nursing (SN) held a ceremony celebrating International Nurses' Day and capping nursing students of Batch 2018 in Huangjin Campus. The senior nurses of Ganzhou Nursing Society, the directors of nursing departments and head nurses of hospitals in Ganzhou, and the representatives of excellent nurses were invited to give caps to all Batch 2018 nursing students.

    Before the ceremony, Ding Mei, the SN Dean, made a speech to all the students of Batch 2018 to inherit Nightingale spirit, perform the duty of humanitarian nurses to save lives, help the wounded, prevent diseases and treat diseases, and dedicate them to the cause of human health.

    More than 500 students dressed in white nurses lined up in front of senior nurses who carefully wore holy nurses’ caps for the students. This sacred moment not only symbolized that nursing students became a quasi-white angel, but also that they shouldered the sacred and glorious mission of nursing.

    After capping, the nursing students’ representatives presented flowers to the senior nurses to express their hearts' respect and festive greetings. The event was successfully concluded in the solemn Nightingale oath.

    Many students said that the ceremony made them feel the sacredness and greatness of the nursing profession, and the warm words of senior nurses gave them great inspiration and touching. As a new generation of angels in white, they will inherit the spirit of generations of caregivers and shoulder the sacred mission of saving lives and injuries with benevolence.