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SN Holds the Evening Gala for this Year’s Graduates

Author: Posttime:2019-05-13 19:50:00 View Count:220

    On the evening of May 11, the International Nurses’ Day on May 12 and the 2019 Graduates' Evening Gala were held in the Huangjin Campus Basketball Court. Zeng Zexin, Deputy Secretary of the GMU Party Committee of GMU, delivered a speech. Leaders in charge of the Propaganda Department, the Youth League Committee, the School of Pharmacy, and the School of International Education attended the performance together with the teachers and students.

    The evening gala began with the song of "Song of China Nurses". Zeng Zexin's speech to all the teachers and students of SN gave Festival greetings, fully affirmed the achievements of SN over the past 20 years of talent cultivation and the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the SN, and encouraged the SN students to use their own actions to inherit the spirit of Nightingale and shoulder the mission of angel in white.

    The evening gala was colorful and exciting. There were not only jazz dances, but also classical dances with aesthetic elegance. Teachers’ poetry recitation was full of affection for SN. The students' nurse’ etiquette showed the nurses' manners and accomplishments. Sketches, cross talk and other interesting programs aroused bursts of laughter on the spot. Ding Mei, the SN dean, sang the solo song, touching everyone's heart and pushing the atmosphere of the gala to a climax.

    The finale dance “Don’t say goodbye to you at the same desk” was full of nostalgia for the past time and beautiful youth in GMU. Excellent alumni of SN presented warm greetings and good wishes to the alma mater and SN through video greetings.

    During the gala, award ceremonies were held for the winners of "Five Love Pacesetters", "Nursing Skills Operation Competition" and "The Most Beautiful Nursing Voice ". GMU and SN leaders awarded awards for the winners respectively.

    Finally, the evening gala ended with a complete success in the group photo of the guests and the actors.