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SIE Students Achieve Excellent Achievements in the CSETDCJU in 2019

Author: Posttime:2019-05-17 17:17:00 View Count:175

    On May 11, hosted by the Jiangxi Education Department and undertaken by the School of Information Engineering of Nanchang University, the College Students Electronic Thematic Design Competition of Jiangxi University (CSETDCJU) in 2019 was held in Nanchang. The students of the School of Information Engineering (SIE) of GMU achieved excellent results. Liu Zhiruo and Liu Yakun won the first prize. Huang Zhihong, Deng Zhijiang, Chen Chao and Wu Yi the second prize. Huang Chang, Liu Yan and Zheng Yuxin the third prize.

    It is reported that 1,296 contestants from 45 colleges/universities in Jiangxi Province participated in the competition, and undergraduates and college students participated in the competition in the name of themselves. The unified organization of propositions, the unified components and panels were provided. Contestants with their own production, testing tools and solder wire, etc. participated for 7.5 hours of continuous closed centralized competition. Participants were required to design and produce an electronic work on the spot according to the requirements of the competition. The eva luation team will grade each work according to the grading criteria, rank them according to the score, and finally award them first, second and third prizes.

    The competition highlights the innovative nature of science and technology and vocational skills, stimulates the practical innovative consciousness of college students, cultivates the engineering practical ability of contestants, and improves the ability to solve problems for unknown topics.
    Competition is not only a test of students, but also a test of teachers’ teaching ability. The success of SIE depends on the careful guidance and patience of the training teachers, the careful study and hard training of the contestants, and the high attention and strong support of the leaders at all levels to the innovation and entrepreneurship work of college students.