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FAHGM Holds a Doctoral Supervisors’ Training Class

Author: Posttime:2019-05-20 17:20:00 View Count:341

    In order to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Suzhou University, further enhance the ability of graduate tutors and improve the quality of graduate training, the First Affiliated College of GMU (FAHGMU) held the official opening ceremony of the Huangjin Branch of FAHGMU and the Doctoral Supervisors’ Training Class for a first series of activities of Ganjiang Medical Summit Forum on May 17. Cao Jian, the Dean of Graduate School of Suzhou University, and his 3-person delegation were invited to give lectures. GMU Vice-President and a doctoral supervisor Ye Junming, other doctoral supervisors, the master's supervisors and postgraduates of the FAHGMU participated in the training class.

    Cao Jian and the associate dean Zhang Jinping made special reports on "Consolidating the Foundation and Improving Quality - Reform and Thinking of Degree and Graduate Education" and "How to Do a Good Job in Graduate Education". From the macro and micro perspectives, the two professors introduced in detail the development process, reform measures and results, discipline construction ideas and future layout of graduate/postgraduate education in Suzhou University, and shared the successful experience of graduate/postgraduate training.

    The graduates/postgraduates’ supervisors who participated in the training class argued that through the training, the consciousness of cultivating the first responsible person of graduates/postgraduates was strengthened, and the understanding of guiding graduates/postgraduates was improved. They indicated to conscientiously fulfill their duties “Building Morality & Cultivating Talents” as tutors in the training of graduates/postgraduates, and strive to make their due contributions to the cultivation of high-level medical talents with virtue, skill and benevolence.