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The 2nd Mental Health Ambassador Final Ends

Author: Posttime:2019-05-20 17:21:00 View Count:153

    On the evening of May 19, the 2nd Mental Health Ambassador Final "Enjoying the Brilliant Youth and Building a Sunny Mind" came to an end in the Huangjin Campus.

    8 contestants selected from the preliminary and second competitions participated in the finals. The finals were divided into four parts, VCR, “525 I Love Myself” keynote speech, scenario simulation and personal talent exhibition. The first step was to broadcast the VCR recorded by each competitor's relatives and friends, sharing the positive sunshine state of each competitor's daily thoughts, life and study, and the blessings and encouragement of friends. Subsequently, the contestants made keynote speeches in turn to show their strength and interpret the theme of the speech – “525 I Love Myself”. In the scenario presentation, the two groups of players put on sitcom and crosstalk performances for the audience. Through story scene reproduction and other ways, they aroused people's care and concern for the sub-health individuals and the audience were requested to learn to get along with others - tolerance, understanding, acceptance and empathy. The audience reacted enthusiastically and applauded.

    Finally, the contestants presented their talent. No. 1 player made the audience give birth to laughter. Handsome No. 2 player played the guitar. No. 3 player sang a classic song "The State of Etiquette". No. 4 player sang a campus song “Qing Cheng Yi Xiao”. No. 5 player made a wonderful impromptu speech and player 8 a wonderful recitation. No. 6 player sang the popular song "In My Song" affectionately. And No. 7 player put on performance a dance. The audience's constant applause was the highest affirmation of the players’ performance.
    After intense competition, Wu Danyang, a students from Class 1 majoring in College MBBS of the School of the First Clinical Medicine Science, won the title of "Mental Health Ambassador". She will lead the team members to carry out mental health knowledge publicity activities in GMU.