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SFCMS Holds the Young Teachers Teaching Competition in 2019

Author: Posttime:2019-05-21 17:23:00 View Count:155

    From May 15 to 16, the School of the First Clinical Medicine Science (SFCMS) held a teaching contest for young teachers. A total of 22 young teachers from various teaching and research departments of SFCMS participated. Teachers and students, Standardized Training Resident Doctors and interns watched the contest enthusiastically.

    Ye Jun, a SFCMS associate dean, visited the judges and contestants on the spot for many times. Zeng Xiangtai, a member of the SFCMS Party Committee, gave directions and made speeches on the spot.

    The contestants were well prepared and enjoyed highlights. First, the use of teaching aids was rich and varied. Courseware production was novel and beautiful. Most of contestants can use blackboard writing. The teaching language was vivid and fluent, showing their teaching characteristics. Second, most of teachers can integrate ideological and political content into teaching. Thirdly, compared with previous years, the overall level of the teaching competition was improved, showing the teaching style of young teachers in the SFCMS.

    The judges of this young teachers’ teaching contest were made up of Professor You Yuguang, the director of the Department of Medical Imaging, the head of the Medical Imaging Specialty, the head of the Teaching Supervisory Group, Professor Jiang Lixia, the head of the Medical Laboratory Technology Specialty, the deputy director of the Medical Laboratory Teaching and Research Department, Professor Deng Wei, the head of Stomatology Specialty, the director of the Department of Stomatology, Professor Zeng Zhiping, the director of the Teaching and Research Department of the General Practitioner, the Teaching Supervision Expert, and deputy chief physician Wu Yuting, the Teaching Supervision Expert.

    After two afternoons’ intense competition, Shuaiping from Pathology Teaching and Research Department won the only first prize. Qiu Junyu from Ultrasound Medical Teaching and Research Department and Fan Feiyan from the Internal Medicine Teaching and Research Department won the second prizes. Xiao Yanping from the Rehabilitation Medical Teaching and Research Department, Chang Haiying from the Internal Medicine Teaching and Research Department, and Yang Juan from the Medical Practical Skills Course Group won the third prizes.

    After the competition, Professor You Yuguang, the head of the expert group of the judges, made a comment, fully affirming the teaching level and pointing out the shortcomings of the contestants.