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The 4th CSBMBESIDC in GMU Ends with a Complete Success

Author: Posttime:2019-05-27 14:28:00 View Count:141

    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is a supporting discipline of life science (including medicine, biology, pharmacy etc.). Its experimental technology is widely used in all aspects of life science research, and it has an important impact on the development of life science.

    In order to cultivate college students’ innovative consciousness, teamwork spirit, improve their experimental skills, promote the reform of ideological and political education in biochemistry and molecular biology courses, and achieve the goal of promoting teaching and learning by competition, the 4th College Students' Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Experimental Skills and Innovative Design Competition (CSBMBESIDC), hosted by the Division of Academic Affairs and undertaken by the School of Basic Medicine Science, approached to the end after a month.

    202 undergraduate students participated in the competition. Through the preliminary competition, a total of 48 students from 16 teams were selected for intensive training in scientific research thinking and technology, and finally for the final. The final contest was divided into three parts, experimental theory test, interview defense and operation skill test. After fierce competition, the first prizes, second prizes and third prizes came into existence. Zeng Youjin and Wang Yuting from Undergraduate Class 2 of Batch 2016 majoring in Preventive Medicine, as well as Yangqun Ling from Class 2, won the first prizes.
    Zeng Xiaohong, Zhong Minhui and Huangyan from Undergraduate Class 12 of Batch 2017 majoring in MBBS, Li Mengqi and Zhou Zixin from Class 8, as well as Xu Yunlin from Class 6, won the second prizes.
    Yao Zhuowei from Undergraduate Class 1 of Batch 2017 majoring in MBBS, Huang Lihao from Class 8, Xu Zhiqiang from Class 6, Huang Song, Ye Yuqian and Peng Kai from Class 1, Xiao Zhengfang and Zheng Mengqi from Class 7, as well as Peng Minwu from Batch 2017 Undergraduate Biotechnology Class, won the third prizes.