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Li Gongjin Attends the Founding Meeting of CSAMSEA

Author: Posttime:2019-05-27 14:33:00 View Count:209

    On May 25, the Chinese Soviet Area Medical Spirit Education Alliance (CSAMSEA), initiated and prepared by China Medical University and GMU etc, was formally established in China Medical University. Zhang Liming, deputy inspector of the Department of Science and Education of the State Health Commission, Fu Ying-hui, Secretary-General of the Medical Humanities Literacy and General Practice Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education of China, Jin Yonghong, Executive Director of the Health Newspaper, and the 33 universities’ leaders across China attended the meeting. GMU was elected as the governing unit of the CSAMSEA.

    After the founding meeting, the 2019 Chinese Soviet Area Medical Spirit (CSAMS) Forum was held. The participants and leaders talked about the development process and characteristics of the CSAMS, and expounded the significance of the establishment of the CSAMSEA. In his speech at the forum, Li Gongjin, the Secretary of the Party Committee of GMU, focused on the connotation of the spirit of CSAMSEA, namely, Political Firmness, Excellent Technology, Selfless Dedication, Saving Lives and Treating Injuries, and he also reported the achievements of GMU in educating college students in the spirit of CSAMS. Li Gongjin emphasized that the universities of the CSAMSEA should not forget their original dreams and should go hand in hand. He also advised the CSAMSEA to attach importance to cooperation in terms of information, scientific research, difficulties and development.

    Professor Liu Shanjiu, Director of the Research Department of Higher Education of GMU, was invited to attend the Symposium on the CSAMS held by the Marxist School of China Medical University, and he was appointed as a consultant of the CSAMS Cultural Research Institute of the University. This is the only off-campus CSAMS Researcher currently employed by the Institute of CSAMS Culture.