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The 5th Psychological Cartoon Competition Approaches to the End

Author: Posttime:2019-05-30 12:08:00 View Count:128

    On May 25, the Psychological Consultation Center of GMU held the fifth Exhibition of Psychological Cartoon Contest in Huangjin Campus. The contest began to collect cartoons in early May and 101 psychological cartoon works particiapted.

    The theme of the exhibition was "5•25 I Love Myself". The author of cartoon works used metaphor, exaggeration, realism, symbolism, projection and other techniques to show the psychological growth process of waiting, cherishing and caring for life in the form of cartoons.
    In the end, Yuan Meng from Undergraduate MBBS Class 11 of Batch 2018 won the first prize. Wu Wenzhuo from Undergraduate Stomatology Class of Batch 2018 and Zhang Ying from Undergraduate Public Administration Class 2 of Batch 2018 won the second prizes.
    Zhang Xiao from Undergraduate Nursing Class 4 of Batch 2018, Ouyang Yuling from Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Class 1 of Batch 2018, and Li Chen from Undergraduate MBBS Class 9 of Batch 2018 won the third prize.