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GMU Holds the "Internet+" Project Promotion Meeting

Author: Posttime:2019-05-31 12:11:00 View Count:174

On the afternoon of May 27th, GMU held the "Internet +" Project Promotion Meeting in 2019 at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park in Huangjin Campus. GMU Vice-President Ye Junming attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The directors from the School Youth League Committee and the Division of Academic Affairs, as well as the fifth "Internet +" project instructor representatives, attended the meeting.

The meeting reported the school's "Internet +" project in 2019, and the "Internet +" project instructors from the School of Basic Medicine Science and School of Information Engineering reported the situation of "Internet +" Main Circuit Project and the Dreams Building Journey to the Soviet Area.

Ye Junming pointed out that GMU attached great importance to the innovation and entrepreneurship education of college students. Everyone should take the organization work of "Internet +" and other major events as the starting point, promote teaching with competition, promote learning through competition, actively promote the development of College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship education and enhance the level of scientific research and innovation of university students.

Ye Junming emphasized that everyone should firstly unify thinking and make clear understanding. Secondly, teachers and students should actively do investigation and make a fine plan. Thirdly, everyone should broaden horizons and cooperate in many ways. Fourthly, administration organs concerned should select good instructors, improve the incentive mechanism for innovative and entrepreneurial work, guide the student team, optimize the quality of the project, improve the connotation of the work, and strive to make breakthroughs.