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GMU Holds the First Medical Students’ Professional Spirit Forum

Author: Posttime:2019-06-06 11:35:00 View Count:198

    If you were a doctor, would you do operation for AIDS patients? Do you really think it is reasonable for hospitals to implement “Refunding on dissatisfaction "? Do you really want to be a medical student in the future? More and more social hotspots were put into this discussion, and one by one dramatic professional spirit question was taken serious. On June 4, the first Medical Students’ Professional Spirit Forum was held in Huangjin Campus, undertaken by the Association of Medical Students Professionalism and hosted by the School of Basic Medicine Science (SBMS).

    It is understood that seven months has been spent on topic selection, field research, questionnaires, interviews, data analysis, report writing and a series of research links. The five themes of this study eventually gave birth to research results.

    The first group’s topic was "Does you really understand the medical work?" Based on the sharp contrast between medical students’ cognition of clinical work and the real situation of realistic clinical work, this research pointed out that nowadays medical students did not understand clinical work, attach importance to it and lack clinical practice skills, and then this research showed the great positive effect of the GMU's "three early policies" to remedy this phenomenon.

    In the second group’s topic "Will Medical Students Choose to Be Doctors in the Future", this research focused on the analysis and introduction of the future of medical students after graduation, and expounded the difficulties in the current medical industry with a large number of data and reports.

    The third group topic “More understanding, less depression" pointed to depression. The symptoms, treatment and outcome of depression were thoroughly presented to students. Based on the discrimination and cognitive bias of individuals and society towards depressive patients, feasible and effective suggestions were put forward for the treatment and prevention of depression.
    “Does it make sense for hospitals to refund fees if patients are not satisfied?”  It's the topic of the fourth group. This group of students conducted an in-depth investigation on the policy of "refund on dissatisfaction" issued by Ganzhou City in 2014. They narrated the views of different groups on this policy from three perspectives of medical students, doctors and patients, and restored the real intention and effect of this policy through multiple interviews and surveys.
    The last group was "If you were a doctor, would you do operation for AIDS patients?" Members of the group elaborated in-depth on the national subsidies policy for AIDS patients, the medical treatment situation of AIDS patients and doctors’ views on AIDS patients, restored the survival status of AIDS patients, and seized the "occupational exposure" as a doctor's discoloration problem, popularized for students how to protect themselves in future work, as well as coping with occupational exposure.
    Medical students need more "Knowledge" in order to find a correct position and make contributions in their future career. As an important part of the SBMS culture, this forum will undoubtedly lay an important foundation for guiding medical students to think about their future career, inheriting medical professionalism and strengthening medical humanities education.