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GMU Holds the Provisional Ceremony for Batch 2014 International Students

Author: Posttime:2019-06-13 11:13:00 View Count:248

    On June 10, the provisional ceremony for international students of Batch 2014 was held in Golden Campus. Ye Junming, GMU Vice-President, the relevant functional departments’ directors, the deans, and representatives of Chinese and foreign teachers, attended the ceremony. All the teachers and students of the School of International Education (SIE) attended the ceremony. The ceremony started with the loud school song of teachers and students.

    Dr. Karthick, an outstanding GMU alumnus and teacher representative, first extended his congratulations to the graduates, hoping them to grasp the present and fight for the future.

    "Thank GMU for giving us an opportunity to pursue our dreams. Thank teachers for their tireless teachings. Thank other staff who have helped us in our study and life, and thank my friends who live together day and night!" An international student representative AFFAN SHAHAB drew a complete end to his study in GMU with much “thanks”.  

    Ye Junming extended ardent expectations to the 33 students of Batch 2014. "First, you should not forget the first intention, and you should remember the mission, serve others, and devote your life to the cause of human health. Second, you should keep learning, be innovative and enterprising, actively face new changes, and maintain competitiveness. Third, you should cultivate morality, improve doctors’ benevolence, constantly improve moral cultivation and have more consideration for patients. Fourth, you should actively respond to ‘the Belt and Road’ and become ambassadors of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and actively promote relations between China and other countries. "

    After that, Ye Junming issued certificates for all graduates.

    The ceremony came to an end amid the loud medical oath.