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GMU Hold an Evening Party for the Graduates in 2019

Author: Posttime:2019-06-25 11:01:00 View Count:159

    On the evening of June 24, " An Evening Party for This Year’s Graduates----We are GMU Members for Pursuing Dreams” was staged in the auditorium of Zhanggong Campus. GMU leaders Liu Qian, Zeng Zexin, Huang Ruizhong, Ye Junming, as well as more than 1,000 teachers and students, watched the performance.

    Qingchun Ding Guagua or Youth Talent, the opening dance from School of Information Engineering, was full of vigor and excitement, triggering the passion of the audience.
    The song "The Sound of Snow Falling" with sincere and subtle emotion by Peng Jiahao, a Batch 2016 student majoring in Public Administration from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, gave a display to a strong attachment to the alma mater.
    The recitation of "To Oak Trees" from the School of the First Clinical Medical Sciences (SFCMS), the nurses’ etiquette display from the Nursing School, and therecitation of "No Farewell to Youth" with music from the School of Pharmacy gave a display to the everything of daily life, recalling the teachers’ modest words, the laughter among friends and the sweetness words of lovers.


    The instrumental music strings performances from the Classical Music Association, the Show "Silk Road Vientiane" from the School of International Education and the short sketch "Brothers” from School of Rehabilitation were staged successively, enjoying cheerful laughter on the spot and peaks of applause.

    The sitcom “Choice in the Name of Youth” with the self-confidence and strength of the new youth showed the vigorous demeanor of GMU college students in pursuit of dreams.

    A well-known song "The Classmate at the same Desk", "No Farewell", and "Blessing" gave a display to the graduates’ reluctance to their alma mater, their confidence for hope and expectation in the future.
    GMU President Liu Qian sang a song "Yan Nanfei", winning applause and cheers from teachers and students. He hoped the graduates to achieve more accomplishments and often return to alma mater for visit.


    The evening party ended successfully in the chorus of “My Motherland and I " by all teachers and students.