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GMU Youth Volunteer Team is Founded

Author: Posttime:2014-03-05 18:29:00 View Count:147

     On the morning of March 5, the conference for the Establishment of GMU Youth Volunteer Team was held in the Academic Hall of library. The Deputy Secretary of GMU Party Committee Chen Xin, the assistant to the GMU President Li Hanting, the directors concerned, the GMU Youth League Committee members and 200 students from 12 youth volunteer teams attended the conference.


      Starting with the exciting GMU school anthem, Chen Xin delivered a gracious speech. “Volunteer”, a boundless title, was a significant constituent part of Socialist Culture and Ethics Development under new situation and the vivid manifestation of fulfilling the Socialist Core Values. For a long time, various youth leagues of GMU and volunteers conducted extensive and fruitful voluntary service, which gained the compliment and recognition. It was GMU youth that spontaneously conducted charity activities, which became the GMU fine tradition. Chen Xin raised requirements for GMU volunteers. They were required and requested to develop themselves in serving the overall interests, build new spirit in adhering to the practice and boost the level in standard development to compose the more splendent chapter for the youth volunteer undertaking.


      On behalf of all volunteers, Zhang Bo, a student from Class 2 of Batch 2013 majoring in MBBS in the First School of Basic Medicine Sciences, delivered the speech. Wu Ruoqing, the captain of GMU Youth Volunteer, read out the proposal. Chen Xin and Li Hanting presented the 12 teams with the flag.