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GMU Holds the Grand Graduation Ceremony for the Graduates in 2019

Author: Posttime:2019-06-25 11:04:00 View Count:150

    June is the graduation time for graduates. On the morning of June 24, the Graduation Ceremony for this year’s graduates was held in the auditorium of Zhanggong Campus. School leaders Liu Qian, Zeng Zexin, Chen Liang, Huang Ruizhong, Ye Junming, Xiao Shuhui, Zhang Xiaokang, as well as deans, took seats on the rostrum.

    The commencement ceremony opened with the Grand National anthem. GMU Vice-President Ye Junming read out the document “On the GMU’s Decision to award the Master's degree and Bachelor's Degree to the Graduates in 2019 and Commend Outstanding Graduates and Postgraduates”. School leaders awarded honorary certificates to outstanding graduate representatives.

    On behalf of undergraduate graduates, Jiangdandan, a directional trained graduate from Class 2 of Batch 2014 majoring in MBBSin the School of the First Clinical Medical Sciences (SFCMS), delivered a speech. She said that she thanked her alma mater for her new and realistic style of study, which consolidated her foundation. The school promoted the construction of three civilizations and found that the gap between her and the No.1 student in her class was getting smaller and smaller in the classroom civilization. By supervising each other in the practice of Dorm Civilization, the dormitory became more and more deeply emotional. Saying hello to the people actively made everyone feel the school was like a warm big family.
    Tian Rongcheng, the representative of postgraduates, said that graduation was only a stage of a long learning career. After leaving alma mater, we should look forward to a higher level of exploration. When we merged into the society, we were proud to be a GMU graduate.


    On behalf of the School of the First Clinical Medical Sciences (SFCMS), the associate dean Ye Jun introduced his life experience to the students, and he hoped that the students would always maintain a "Kindness Heart ", a “Learning Heart” and a “Self-discipline Heart”.

    Yao Xiaoming, the parent of Yao Yating, a Batch 2015 undergraduate class of medical laboratory technology in the SFCMS delivered a speech.
    GMU President Liu Qian delivered a speech "Sticking to the Original Dream and Striving to Pursue Dreams". He first introduced the development of the school in recent years. In 2017, the school was listed as the first-class discipline construction university in Jiangxi Province. Last year, the school was assessed by the Ministry of Education for undergraduate teaching. The quality of teaching and the spiritual outlook of teachers and students impressed the experts of the Ministry of Education a lot. No matter how difficult it was, it will not stop the advance of GMU. All GMU members were working together to build a modern medical university.


    Liu Qian hoped students to continue to adhere to their original dream and become a person with ideals who loved learning, adhered to the bottom line and knew how to be grateful.
    Liu Qian pointed out that a person with lofty ideals can do more than a person without goals at all. As GMU graduates, we should strive to realize our ideal of life and constantly pursue a new height in life.


    Liu Qian emphasized that the bottom line for doctors was helping people with medicine practice. There were thousands of medical principles, but the medical ethics ranked the first.
    Liu Qian finally said that Thanksgiving was the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, but also a person's minimum moral character.
    The graduation ceremony ended with the school song of "We are the GMU Members in the New Era" sung by teachers and students.