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GMU Holds the Promotion Meeting for the Key Laboratory Construction of Ministry of Education

Author: Posttime:2019-07-05 15:47:00 View Count:126

    On July 5, GMU President Liu Qian presided over the Promotion Meeting of Key Laboratory Construction of the Ministry of Education. GMU Vice-President Chen Liang, Huang Ruizhong and Ye Junming, together with relevant functional departments’ directors and deans participated in the meeting. Professor Li Hongliang’s team from the School of the Basic Medicine Sciences of Wuhan University, and Professor Liu Jiaren's team from the School of Medicine Sciences of Harvard University came to give guidance.

    Liu Qian extended warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Professors Li Hongliang and Liu Jiaren for coming to GMU to guide the construction of key laboratories. The meeting heard a report on the advance work of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention and Control. Li Hongliang commented on the establishment of laboratory construction objectives, the examination connotation of key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, the main research directions of laboratories, the construction of scientific research platforms, the construction of achievements and the guarantee mechanism, and put forward his opinions and suggestions. The two sides also discussed the development of cooperation and reached consensus.

    Liu Qian pointed out that today's meeting marked the formal establishment of teamwork relationship among GMU, Li Hongliang and Liu Jiaren’s teams. GMU will take this cooperation as an opportunity to formulate work plans and comprehensively promote the construction of key laboratories of the Ministry of Education.