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GMU "Small Medicine Box" LCHPA in Dingnan is Carried out in an All-round Way

Author: Posttime:2019-07-17 15:52:00 View Count:87

    From July 10 to 14, together with Wenzhou Medical University, GMU organized more than 100 young volunteers to carry out the Special Campaign of "Small Medicine Box" Left-behind Children's Health and Poverty Alleviation in7 towns of Dingnan County.

    During the campaign, volunteers carried forward the spirit of the Red Doctor, braved the scorching sun and sweltering heat, traveled from street to door to overcome many difficulties. During the next 5 days, they trained more than 1,000 left-behind children, conducted lectures on basic knowledge of first aid, and trained more than 200 villagers to distribute health care. More than 1,200 brochures were distributed, and 15 warning signs for children against weak water were set up beside rural rivers and ponds. At the same time, 150 small medicine boxes and more than 10,000 Yuan of OTC were presented to left-behind children and villagers. The activities attracted the local people, the media and the general praise of the left-behind children and their parents.