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GMU Wins the First Prize in the NNUTCSC

Author: Posttime:2019-08-03 10:10:00 View Count:117

    On August 2, hosted by the Chinese Nursing Society and undertaken by Fujian Medical University, the National Nursing Undergraduate Teachers’ Clinical Skills Contest (NNUTCSC) was held in Fuzhou. With profound theoretical foundation, skilled and standardized operation skills, calmness on-the-spot response, GMU teachers Wen Yanping, Yao Hongliang and Xing Liping, received unanimous praise from the judges for their tacit and reasonable teamwork. They stood out among 92 participating teams, and won the first group prize with the excellent results ranking 6th in the total score. Besides, Ms. Wen Yanping was awarded the first prize for CPR, Ms. Yao Hongliang the first prize for ECG monitoring, Ms. Liping the third prize for intravenous infusion. And Ms. Meng Limin was awarded the first prize for excellent instructor.


    3 GMU contestants entered the national finals with the first result of the provincial preliminary contest. When talking about the experience of the contest, Ms Wen Yanping said that participating in the contest was not only an assessment of their professional level, but also a good opportunity for study and exercise. Mr. Yao Hongliang talked about the excitement of the contest and said that the contest was not only honor, but also the improvement of operational skills and self-confidence. Ms Xing Liping from the front line of clinical practice said that the contest tempered the will, improved the psychological quality and gained a rich spiritual wealth.

    It is reported that 3 players in each team rescued a critically ill patient at the same time in the contest in the form of scenario simulation method, focusing on testing the knowledge application ability, clinical thinking and response ability, operation ability, analysis and problem-solving ability, humanistic care quality and team spirit.