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Professor Li Rong from JHU Comes to GMU for Cooperation and Exchange

Author: Posttime:2019-08-12 10:12:00 View Count:170

    On the morning of August 12, Professor Li Rong, the Director of Cell Dynamics Center, Institute of Basic Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine Sciences of Johns Hopkins University (JHU), together with her delegation, came to GMU for cooperation and exchange.

    Jiaoyang, the CEO of Jiangsu Ruistan Biotechnology Co., Ltd (JRBCL), Jianghua, the VP, Jyothi, the CSO, Wang Tie, the CMO, and Cong Hao, the GM of Cell Bank, were delegation members. Li Gongjin, the Secretary of the GMU Party Committee of CPC, attended the meeting and lecture. GMU Vice-President Zhang Xiaokang presided over the meeting.

    Li Gongjin first made a speech, warmly welcoming the arrival of Professor Li Rong and her delegation, sincerely thanking Professor Li Rong for his concern and support GMU. After briefly introducing the red history of southern Jiangxi and the development of GMU, he pointed out that GMU enjoyed the history of more than 70 years and trained more than 60,000 graduates, serving Jiangxi and even all parts of the country. It was not enough for GMU to develop only by training talents. It must develop by way of scientific research. Through the cooperation with Ruistan, Jiangsu Province, the advantages of combining teaching with scientific research, scientific research with clinical practice will be brought into full play and new contributions will be made to the benefit of the people's health and the construction of healthy China.

    The First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) and JRBCL signed the “Clinical Scientific Research Cooperation Agreement”.

    Zhang Xiaokang gave a brief introduction to the registration and filing of stem cell clinical research organs at the subsequent Symposium on cooperation and exchange. Subsequently, the two sides held consultations on material preparation, animal experiments, preparations for international conferences etc.
    Professor Li Rong then gave an excellent lecture on Mitochondrial MAGIC in Proteostasis and Aging. Using a large number of concise, intuitive and vivid dynamic pictures, Professor Li Rong systematically interpreted the efforts and achievements of her research team in exploring the causes of cell aging, and many other fields. The teachers and students present indicated to benefit a lot. In the last part of the questioning, Professor Li Rong answered every question patiently and carefully, building the warm atmosphere.
    Accompanied by Zhang Xiaokang, Professor Li Rong and her delegation also visited the Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention and Control the Ministry of Education and Laboratory Animal Center. Over 30 people, including the directors in charge of the Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Scientific Research Industry and FAHGMU, as well as the representatives of postgraduates and doctors with doctoral degrees, participated in the meeting and lectures.