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Checking in Affairs of Freshmen Ends with a Complete Success

Author: Posttime:2019-09-03 21:54:00 View Count:162

    The weather in the early autumn campus is cool, fresh and pleasant. On September 3, 2 days’ checking in affairs of freshman ended with a complete success. 156 graduates, 2,615 undergraduates and junior college students from 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China came to the beautiful GMU, building a new dream, starting a new journey of life, injecting new vitality into GMU.

    GMU leaders Liu Qian, Zeng Zexin and Ye Junming went to the welcoming scene, and visited the freshmen and their parents. He talked to the diligent and busy teachers and students, and demanded them to do a good service job with a highly responsible attitude.

    The clean and orderly scene, the fluttering ribbons in the wind, the novel and unique banners, the neat and uniform propaganda board and the creative signature wall became a beautiful scenery this year.

    At the registration locale, the volunteers from the Massage Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Association offered the freshmen’s parents the massage, wining endless praise.
    The School of Humanities and Social Sciences prepared free books for freshmen.
    The GMU We-chat, relevant functional departments and the 7 schools’ We-chat have set up a new column for Batch 2019 students since the summer vacation, offering various information. The Propaganda Department of GMU has customized special photo boards for freshmen.