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GMU Holds the 1st “Hongyi Cup” Mini-marathon Race

Author: Posttime:2019-10-30 14:57:00 View Count:118

    On the morning of October 26, jointly undertaken by the School of Rehabilitation (SR) and the Youth League Committee of GMU, the first "Hongyi Cup" Mini-marathon Race, the patriotic practice activity of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China, was held in the Huangjin Campus. Li Gongjin, Secretary of the GMU Party Committee, Zeng Zexin, deputy secretary of the GMU Party Committee, Ye Junming, GMU Vice-president, attended the event, and nearly 1,000 teachers, students and teachers’ families participated. The Launching Ceremony was presided over by SR dean Wen Youliang.

    At the Launching Ceremony, Li Gongjin announced the opening. The majority of teachers and students were required to actively participate in physical exercise and constantly improve their physical quality. At the same time, Li Gongjin said that GMU will promote the campus environment improvement project to create a better sports venue for teachers and students, and that the "Hongyi Cup" Mini-marathon Race will continue to be carried out, and the Hongyi Spirit will be promoted to become a brand activity of campus culture.

    Ye Jun made a welcome speech and encouraged the competitors to show themselves, challenge themselves and surpass themselves on the track, adding vitality to the campus.

    After the ceremony, the venue carried out warm-up activities. Accompanied by a gunshot, the 3.7km Mini-marathon Race officially started. On the racetrack around the school, contestants ran together. Their speed and passion gave a display to the GMU spirit, namely, "Build Virtue & Decency, Pursue Truth & Innovation", and the Hongyi Spirit "Political Firmness, Excellent Technology, Selfless Dedication, Heal the Wounded and Rescue the Dying ".

    This race is divided into men's group and women's group. Each group has 3 top prizes. Finally, He tianqiang, Zhang Jingyu and Deng Renhui in men's group and Xie Shiping, Fang Zhijie and Peng Zhen in women's group respectively won the top 3 prizes. It is reported that more than 800 competitors have completed the whole race, the youngest of whom is only 5 years old.