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GMU Holds 3rd "Rongjiang Forum"

Author: Posttime:2019-10-31 14:59:00 View Count:119

    On the morning of October 30, the 3rd GMU "Rongjiang Forum" was held in the Academic Conference Room409, the Scientific Research Center. GMU Vice-President Peng Weijie attended the forum. More than 50 professors, doctors and representatives of teachers and students attended the Forum. Dr. Huang Qitong from the Scientific Research Center presided over the forum.

    Jiang Feng, the Ph.D. of the School of Pharmacy, reported his scientific research achievements "Targeting drugs and my industrialization dreams", and Zhong Jianing, the Ph.D. of the Key Cardio & Cerebrovascular Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, reported his scientific research achievements "Hepatic tet1-sirt1-pgc1a / FoxO1 axis regulations the blood glucose homeostasis via modeling glycogenesis / glycolysis signaling pathways". The teachers and students had warm exchange.
Peng Weijie commented on the report after hearing it.