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GMU Holds the 52nd Sports Meeting Opening Ceremony

Author: Posttime:2019-10-31 15:01:00 View Count:183

    Sports like flowers bloom in the beautiful campus. Sports like fire light a healthy life. On the morning of October 31, the Opening Ceremony of the 52nd Sports Meeting of GMU was held in the Track and Field Stadium of Huangjin Campus. School leaders Li Gongjin, Liu Qian, Zeng Zexin, Chen Liang, Huang Ruizhong, ye Junming, Xiao Shuhui, Zhang Xiaokang, Peng Weijie, as well as the leaders of the Labor Union, Youth League Committee, Students’ Affairs Division, Academic Affairs Division and School of Rehabilitation, attended the ceremony and sat at the rostrum. GMU vice-president Ye Junming presided over the ceremony.

    At 8 o'clock in the morning, the Honor Guard, referees, School of Basic Medicine Science, Nursing School, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Pharmacy, School of Information Engineering, School of International Education, Graduates’ Affairs Office, Marxism School, the Library, Logistics Service Group, the Administration Organ, the Third Affiliated Hospital of GMU, the Second Affiliated Hospital of GMU, the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU and Rehabilitation Schoolentered in turn. Being full of spirit and firm expression, all of them tried their best to perform in a fashion, exciting, simple, or humorous manner, making the entrance show originality, youth and vitality.

    The solemn national anthem was played. After the flag raising ceremony, GMU President Liu Qian delivered an opening speech. He pointed out that this sports meeting was an event for the whole CPC to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and carry out the theme education "Never forget the original dreams and keep the missions in mind". It was also a grand meeting held at the time when the whole school energetically studied, propagandized and implemented the spirit of the second GMU Party Congress. It was of significance to hold this sports meeting well for further uniting all teachers and students of the school to work hard and be positive.

    Liu Qian stressed that teachers and students, athletes and coaches were firmly guided to build the lofty ideal of communism through the games, closely combine the promotion of sports spirit with the cultivation and practice of socialist core values, spread the positive energy of sports struggle, continue to inherit and develop the sports spirit and struggle spirit, and encourage generations of GMU members to unite and forge ahead.

    All the athletes were required to take the mission on their shoulders and strive with their own essence, take the lead in the competition and work hard to enter the competition, so as to make a style and level of the competition. The referees shall follow the principle of sportsmanship and make strict decisions. Schools and relevant departments should do a good job in the logistics work, carefully organize and enthusiastically serve the sports meeting.

    Peng Lei, a representative of athletes from Class 2 of Batch 2019 Pharmaceutical Engineering majors, Zhao Bingyao, a representative of referees from Class 2 of Batch 2018 Sports Rehabilitation majors, made an oath respectively.
    Li Gongjin, the Secretary of the GMU Party committee, announced the opening of the 52nd sports meeting of GMU.
    After the opening ceremony, GMU President Liu Qian, together with schools’ leaders and Batch 2019 Shuangli Class, took the lead in carrying out the national fitness running. And the students’ team of each school also carried out Taijiquan competition.


    According to the schedule of the Sports Meeting, in the next 3 days, nearly 1,500 athletes from departments and schools will have intense competition in nearly 40 student competition items, more than 20 faculty competition items, and 9 retired staff entertainment items.