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GMU Holds the SPWGMU Awarding Ceremony

Author: Posttime:2019-11-06 15:45:00 View Count:133

    On the morning of November 6, the "Schools Psychological Workstation of GMU (SPWGMU)" Awarding Ceremony was held in the Multi-function Conference Hall of the Huangjin Campus. Zeng Zexin, deputy secretary of the GMU Party committee, and GMU Vice-President Ye Junming, attended the ceremony and awarded the plaque to each school. Tang Hong, the director of the Department of Psychology of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, presided over the ceremony. Wang Jianfa, the director of Student Affairs Division, and more than 300 teachers and students of from the Psychological Workstations attended the ceremony.

    Zeng Zexin appreciated the establishment of psychological workstation, and pointed out that the establishment was an important measure to implement “The Guiding Outline of Mental Health Education for College Students”, and also an important hub for strengthening the four-level network (GMU, school, class, dormitory) of mental health education in GMU. Its establishment will make the mental health education in GMU rise to a new level, improve the working efficiency of mental health education and promote the standardization of mental health education, better serving the mental health of teachers and students in GMU.

    Zeng Zexin put forward 3 requirements for the future work of the psychological workstation. First, the workstation should adhere to the principle of "Cultivating College Students with Love and Dedication" and do a good job in terms of “Cultivating College Students with Psychological Education". Second, the psychological workstation should become the guide of the mental health of GMU students and be the intimate friends and life tutors of students. Third, the workstation should do a good job of psychological crisis prevention and intervention to work as the "Firewall". The psychological workstations were required to play a bridge role in mental health education in the future and make positive contributions to the construction of a harmonious campus in GMU.