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GMU Holds the 5th "Rongjiang Forum"

Author: Posttime:2019-11-13 19:19:00 View Count:108

    On the morning of November 13, the 5th "Rongjiang Forum" was held in the Academic Conference Room 409 of the Scientific Research Center. Presided over by Hu Gonghua, GMU Vice-President Peng Weijie, as well as more than 30 professors, doctors, teachers and students representatives, attended the forum. 

    Liu Yanling, a Ph.D. from the School of Basic Medicine Sciences (SBMS), reported her research achievements "The Mechanism of Revealing Learning and Memory". Guo You, a Ph.D. from the Medical Data Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU), reported the research achievements "Medical Data: from Data to Decision-making". The teachers and students had a heated exchange and discussion.