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GMU Holds the 6th "Rongjiang Forum"

Author: Posttime:2019-11-22 19:27:00 View Count:139

    On the morning of November 20, the 6th "Rongjiang Forum"  was held in the Academic Conference Room 409 of the Scientific Research Center. Presided over by Zhong Jianing, GMU Vice-President Peng Weijie,as well as more than 50 professors, doctors, teachers and students representatives, attended the forum. 

    Liu Zhiping, a Ph.D. from the School of Basic Medicine Sciences (SBMS), reported his scientific research achievement "Research on the Role of Nucleic Acid Recognition Immune Receptor in Colorectal Cancer", introducing the expression of innate immune receptor in colorectal cancer patients' tissues, the role and mechanism of specific innate immune receptor in regulating the occurrence and development of colorectal cancer.

    Liu Dixiu, a Ph.D.from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), reported the scientific research achievement "The Neural Mechanism of Number Line Bisection:A fMRI Study", introducing the neurologic commonness and characteristics of fMRI in healthy adults when they completed the cognitive task of digital line segmentation and physical line segmentation at the neural level so as to reveal the neural mechanism of quantitative spatial interaction. Dr. Liu dixiu received a psychology Ph.D. in South China Normal University and presided over a project sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation.
    At the meeting, teachers and students had a warm exchange and discussion.