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Professor Xie Wen from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of UP Pays a Visit to GMU

Author: Posttime:2019-11-25 19:30:00 View Count:140

    On November 22, Professor Xie Wen, the Dean of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Pittsburgh (UP), visited the GMU. Presided over by GMU Vice-President Peng Weijie, GMU President Liu Qian, met with Professor Xie Wen and listened to the lecture.

    In the morning, Xie Wen visited the Red Health History Museum and the Key Laboratory of Prevention and Treatment of  Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Diseases of the Ministry of Education and other research platforms and gave a wonderful academic lecture "Nuclear Receptors in Xenobiotic and Endobiotic Metabolism". Xie Wen mainly introduced the relationship between the enzymes and transporters regulated by PXR and CAR nuclear receptors and drug metabolism, pathology and physiology, and the role of these nuclear receptors in regulating energy metabolism in the liver of type 2 diabetic rats induced by high fat. He also introduced the related works of drug metabolism published in the United States and the composition of laboratory personnel. In the last session, the atmosphere was warm, and Professor Xie Wen answered every question patiently and carefully.

    The leaders and scientific research backbones of relevant departments, such as Scientific Research Industry Division, School of Pharmacy, School of Basic Medicine Sciences, School of Information Engineering, Scientific Research Center, listened to the lecture and participated in the meeting.
    In the afternoon, Xie Wen also visited the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU.