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Xiang Yuqiong Wins the First Prize in the 1st CTCYTRTM

Author: Posttime:2019-12-04 10:33:00 View Count:43

    On November 29, hosted by Jiangxi Rehabilitation Medical Association, the 1st Class Teaching Competition for Young Teachers of Rehabilitation Treatment Majors (CTCYTRTM) was held in Nanchang. After fierce competition, Xiang Yuqiong, a teacher of the School of Rehabilitation (SR) of GMU, won the first prize with the highest score in the total score. SR dean Wen Xianhao won the honorary title "The Excellent Instructor".

    There are 9 participating units in this competition, including various colleges/universities, affiliated hospitals and practice teaching bases of rehabilitation treatment. The expert judges were composed of senior professors of rehabilitation majors and clinical directors of the hospital. The scores of competitors were composed of 3 parts, Teaching Plan Score, Expert Score and Student Score, which can fully reflect the comprehensive quality and ability of teachers.