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GMU Students Participate in CCTV Program Recording

Author: Posttime:2019-12-05 10:40:00 View Count:66

    At the invitation of the Red Cross Society of China, Chen Jing, Zeng Lina and Gao Xian, the 3 young volunteers from the School of Basic Medicine Sciences (SBMS) of GMU, participated in the program recording of “Xiyanghong” on CCTV 12 in Beijing on September 8.

    Hosted by Jing Yidan, Huang Wei and Shu Dong, Ni Ping, Wang Qingxiang, Hanzi and other public image spokesmen also participated in the recording of the program. The program will be broadcast at 20:15 on CCTV 12 on December 5 and be repeated at 09:56 on December 6.

    It is known that the Youth Volunteers Service Team of SBMS stands out from more than 400 volunteer service teams in the country, becoming one of the 21 invited teams to participate in the program recording and the oath taking on the stage.