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Academician Zhan Qimin Comes to the FAHGMU for Large-scale Charity Clinic

Author: Posttime:2019-12-15 15:40:00 View Count:36

    On December 15, Zhan Qimin, the President of the Medical Association of European and American Alumni Association, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, executive vice-president of Peking University and director of Medical Department of Peking University, led nearly 20 well-known experts from more than 10 well-known hospitals such as Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing Union Hospital, to the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) to carry out large-scale free clinic activities under the theme "Take the Long March Route Once More". Academician Zhan Qimin, Xu Xinyu, the member of the Standing Committee and vice mayor of Ganzhou City, GMU President Liu Qian, and GMU Vice-President Zhang Xiaokang, attend the activity.

    At the welcome ceremony, Zhang Xiaokang introduced the development of the FAHGMU, and briefly introduced the Air-ground Integrated Emergency Medical Rescue Center, the latest generation of Leonardo da Vinci (XI) surgical robot put into clinical use, and the composite operating room currently under construction. Zhang Xiaokang pointed out that the FAHGMU will continue to deepen the contact with superior hospitals and experts, embody the public welfare of the hospital, guarantee the health of the whole city and the surrounding areas, promote the construction of healthy Ganzhou, healthy Jiangxi and healthy China, and innovate the achievements by taking the opportunity of carrying out the large-scale health poverty alleviation free clinic activity by academician Zhan Qimin and the well-known experts, and make new contributions.

    On behalf of the Ganzhou People’s Government, Xu Xinyu expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to academician Zhan Qimin and the expert group of European and American Medical Association. At the same time, he also raised ardent expectations for academician Zhan and other experts. He hoped that academician Zhan Qimin to support the development of health care in the old revolutionary base area of Gannan, establish a long-term cooperation mechanism of targeted assistance in Ganzhou, and give more guidance and help in personnel training, discipline construction, clinical practice, research innovation, academic exchange etc.

    On behalf of GMU, Liu Qian expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to academician Zhan Qimin and all medical experts for free clinic activities and academic exchange. He stressed that academician Zhan Qimin and the experts from the Medical Association of the European and American Students' Association came to Gannan with patriotism, ambition and dedication to carry out large-scale free clinics and academic activities, which was an important measure to fulfill their original dreams and missions.


    In his speech, academician Zhan Qimin pointed out the reasons that in accordance with the request of the CPC Central Committee's, they chose to come to Gannan to carry out the large-scale free clinic activities under the theme "Take the Long March Route Once More". First, they reviewed the CPC’s original dreams and the contributions made by the people in Gannna for the past Chinese revolution, further promoting the superior medical and health resources to the people in the old areas and enabling them to enjoy better medical services. Second, through academic exchanges and technical guidance with experts in Gannan, they aimed to improve the level of medical services in Gannan. Third, they took this event as an opportunity to strengthen the contact with GMU and FAHGMU, establish a long-term assistance mechanism and further well develop the medical and health undertakings.


    After the welcome ceremony, the experts immediately went into the intensive free clinic. Experts patiently and meticulously provided consultation and medication guidance for patients, and developed personalized treatment plans for patients with difficult and severe cases. The free clinic also provided free blood pressure and blood sugar measurement and health education. In just one morning, more than 500 people benefited from the activity, which was highly praised by the masses.