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Academician Zhan Qimin Delivers a Special Lecture "Scientific and Technological Innovation and Medical Development"

Author: Posttime:2019-12-16 15:44:00 View Count:35

    On the morning of December 15, the Multi-functional Hall of the Administration Building of the Huangjin Campus was full of seats. Zhan Qimin, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee of Peking University, executive vice president, director of the medical department and President of Shenzhen Graduate School, visited GMU and made a special lecture on "Scientific and Technological Innovation and Medical Development".

    Accompanied by Xu Xinyu, a member of the Standing Committee of Ganzhou Municipal Committee and vice mayor, GMU leaders Li Gongjin, Liu Qian, Zeng Zexin, Zhang Xiaokang and Peng Weijie, as well as more than 400 middle-level cadres, teachers and students representatives attended the lecture. GMU President Liu Qian presided over the meeting.

    Zhan Qimin started with the achievements and challenges of national health development in recent decades. He pointed out that healthy China become an important strategy for national development. Today is the best historical opportunity period for the development of Chinese medicine and health. To achieve this grand goal, first of all, it depended on the government's policy support, and the other important aspect was relying on scientific and technological innovation. With the rapid development of life science, data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge science and technology, it rapidly entered the field of medical science and technology. This interdisciplinary integration will promote the overall development of medical personnel training, medical science and technology innovation, clinical medical services, and public health.

    From the perspectives of the international first-class hospital (Medical Center) standard and the important connotation of scientific research as the first-class hospital, Zhan Qimin expounded the significance of building a research-oriented hospital to serve the public health needs, promote its own development needs and serve the needs of medical system reform.

    "Humanistic feelings of medicine are eternal. Medicine not only includes superb medical skills, but also works as another wing of medicine." On the basis of introducing the important relationship between healthy China and medical humanities, Zhan Qimin pointed out that the connotation of medical humanities was to occasionally cure diseases, help often and comfort patients all the time from the historical evolution, needs, challenges and other dimensions of medical humanities development. The basic mode of medical treatment was doctor and patient, which was full of humanities. The doctor-patient relationship should be the most intimate relationship in the world. Artificial intelligence was only an auxiliary treatment method and it cannot completely replace doctors.

    Zhan Qimin shared his understanding of the relationship between science and art. He argued that they had the commonness of goal and mission, inspiration and passion, innovative thinking, aesthetic penetration and achievement display. He pointed out that scientific research was full of artistic connotation and that art creation embodied scientific laws. And he displayed many songs he created, which won the warm applause of the audience.


    In the interactive part of the lecture, the teachers and students actively asked questions, and Zhan Qimin gave answers one by one.
    Zhan Qimin also visited the Red Health History Museum and Scientific Research Center, and made academic exchanges with scientific researchers.