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GMU Participates in the Education Exhibition in Ukraine and Belarus

Author: Posttime:2019-12-16 15:52:00 View Count:45

    At the invitation of Odessa of Ukraine and Vitebsk of Belarus, Jiangxi universities held education exhibitions in Ukraine and Belarus from December 7 to 14. GMU participated in the exhibition and GMU Vice-president Ye Junming led the team to pay a visit.

    It is known that the delegation of Jiangxi universities to Ukraine and Belarus education exhibition had a total of 25 universities with 60 participants, which was led by Wang Lixia, the deputy director general of the Department of Education of Jiangxi Province.

    On December 9, "Jiangxi University (Ukraine) Education Exhibition" in 2019 opened at Bristol Hotel in Odessa. On behalf of GMU, Vice-President Ye Junming signed a cooperation agreement with Odessa National Medical University and International Humanitarian University (Ukraine) and he was awarded "Medal of Commemoration" by International Humanitarian University. During the exhibition, Consul General of Odessa Chen Yurong and Wang Lixia visited GMU’s booth.

    On December 12, "Jiangxi University (Belarus) Education Exhibition" in 2019 opened at the National University of Vitebsk in Belarus. Ye Junming made a speech at the opening ceremony and signed cooperation agreements with Vitebsk National Medical University, Vitebsk National Veterinary College and OLSA National Medical College.
    During the visit, GMU delegation also visited the Law School of Odessa National University, the International Humanitarian University (IHU), the Vitebsk National University and the Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of the IHU on the spot, and exchanged with the Presidents in charge of the Universities on short-term exchanges between teachers and students, cooperation in running schools and other issues, and reached consensus.