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GMU Students Win the 3rd Prize in the "Beidou Alumni Cup" CSBSC

Author: Posttime:2019-12-23 15:55:00 View Count:42

    On the afternoon of December 21, hosted by China Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Teaching Professional Committee, the Biochemistry Teaching Seminar and the 3rd "Beidou Alumni Cup" College Students Biochemical Songs Contest (CSBSC) opened in Hangzhou. The "7/2 Lemons" group composed of Li Jiawei, Xie Wen, Jiang Zhiqiang and Liu Jinming participated on behalf of GMU.

    "Life has love. Metabolism is wonderful and selfless and enjoys most postures. It's the energy of lovely glucose that supplies to everyone. It’s the buffer of strong lipid that maintains the life. It’s the wisdom of great protein that interlinks together. It's a kind of unity, which is indispensable. "  Through the affectionate performance of 4 students, the song "Metabolic Splendor" won the warm applause of the judges and the audience. After fierce competition, it finally stood out in the 27 teams and won the third prize.