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GMU Holds the Promotion Meeting of Joint Doctoral Training in 2019

Author: Posttime:2019-12-26 15:59:00 View Count:42

    On December 26, GMU held a special promotion meeting on joint cultivation of doctors in 2019 in Huangjin Campus. GMU leaders Liu Qian, Ye Junming and Huang Ruizhong attended the meeting. The doctoral supervisors and the directors of the Graduates’ Affairs Division, Personnel Division, Scientific Research Center and each school participated in the meeting, which was presided over by GMU Vice-President Peng Weijie.

    At the meeting, the Graduates’ Affairs Division made a special report on the enrollment policy and training progress of the joint training of doctors with Suzhou University and China Medical University. The Personnel Division interpreted the relevant policies such as the school's teacher training and doctor training. The School of the First Clinical Medicine Sciences made a brief report on the study and life of 19 doctoral students admitted to Suzhou University.

    Liu Qian fully affirmed the achievements of various departments (units) and schools in the joint training of doctors, and put forward several requirements. First, everyone should attach great importance to it and make solid progress. Second, departments concerned needed to intensify communication. Third, doctors should be cultivated in a wide range and plan as a whole.
    Huang Ruizhong supplemented the teacher training and doctor training policy, and required all schools to strictly follow the doctor application conditions of "2 + 2 + 1" and actively recommend excellent teachers to apply for the doctoral degrees of joint training. Peng Weijie made clear arrangements for the organization and responsibilities of the joint training of doctors, and required all departments and schools to strengthen communication and cooperation. Participants had a positive exchange on how to further promote the later work of joint training of doctors and made suggestions about that.