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GMU Has the Grand Celebration of the First “GMU Day”

Author: Posttime:2014-03-17 08:00:00 View Count:116
       March 16 was the first “GMU Day”, which was the unique festival for GMU. In order to better inherit GMU history, promote GMU culture and further activate the enthusiasm of GMU staff and alumni/alumnae, GMU carried out various celebration activities under the theme of “Knowing School, Loving School, Revitalizing School, Honoring School”.


      In March 13, GMU President Han Limin and deputy secretary of Party Committee of GMU Chen Xin led all directors to pay a visit to the School History Museum.


      Department of Propaganda made the special issues for “GMU Day”, which were put up on the Display Windows in two campuses to exhibit the accomplishments and review the fine traditions.


      In March 15, the Division of Enrolment & Career Guidance had the informal meeting for the Presidents of Alumni Association and more than 30 ones across China attended the meeting. The Vice-President Liu Min hosted the meeting and GMU President Han Limin delivered a speech.


       8 schools had the celebration of “GMU Day” based on various activities.