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GMU Leaders Put Forward New Requirements for Continuing Education Work

Author: Posttime:2014-03-19 10:02:00 View Count:114

      On the afternoon of March 17, GMU President Han Limin and Vice-President Wang Baiqun paid a supervision visit to the School of Continuing Education (SCE) and School of Vocational Technology (SVT) and put forward new requirements.
     After listening to the report made by the dean Tan Qunming in terms of current circumstances and work emphasis, Han Limin appreciated the achievements made by the SCE over the past years. Han Limin pointed out that adult education waspromising based on the implementation of life-long study philosophy and the building of study-oriented society. GMU adult education should attach importance to “reorganizing and standardizing the market” to achieve the “stabilizing the market” and intensify to supervise the correspondence stations. Meanwhile, supervision work should be further intensified.
      Wang Baiqun emphasized that adult education work should be creative, quality-oriented and pragmatic under the new situation.