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GMU Holds the Psychology Lecture for the Overseas Students

Author: Posttime:2014-03-27 16:00:00 View Count:113

      On the morning of March 27, GMU College Students Psychology Health Education & Consultation Center, together with School of International Education, delivered the psychology health education lecture under the theme “Refresh Your Life”.


     Before the lecture, the present overseas students did the trees personality test. Each student was required to depict a tree in a piece of A4 paper. Starting with the common problems of overseas students, this lecturer talked about the potential challenges, cultural shock and psychology crisis in the campus, analyzed the problems in social relationship and put forward the solutions.
      Around 20 overseas students attended this lecture. Basit Ali, a Batch 2013 student, said “After the lecture, I realized that it is very important to settle the classmates’ disputes as the monitor. We can become good friends based on heartfelt communication”. He argued that Chinese people tended to be shy and timid and he hoped to make friends with China students. Fahim Khan, a Batch 2013 student, said that he liked China Spring Festival best. At that day, he spent the Spring Festival with his friends and had a good time, saying “Mutual understanding is effective in settling the disputes. Each person should consider the problems from the perspective of the opposite Party”.
     The lecturer Miss Li Yihui told the journalists that GMU College Students Psychology Health Education & Consultation Center would increasingly intensify the overseas students’ psychology health education by way of lectures, personal consultation and group counseling.
It is known that GMU currently boasts around 100 overseas students. Since the September 2005, GMU recruited the overseas students majoring in full-time MBBS from South Asia and African countries.