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GMU Students Delegation to LUM Come Back to China

Author: Posttime:2014-04-01 12:15:00 View Count:161

      In March 21, completing the 3-week learning tasks, GMU delegation of 12 members to Lincoln Memorial University (LUM) came back to China.
      In the United States, exchange activities were colorful, covering the English culture learning, attending lectures at random, campus culture and visit activities. These students of this delegation benefitted from the exchange a lot, broadening perspective, boosting the applied English proficiency, making numerous new friends and winning fine commendation from the LUM faculty and students in terms of polite behavior and hard study.
      This exchange was the first activity between both universities and both Parties’ leaders laid emphasis. For instance, GMU President Han Limin inquired the delegation situation more than once. GMU Vice-President Liu Qian demanded the delegation captain to lay foundation for in-depth cooperation. LUM President Dr.Dawson met this delegation, entertained this delegation and awarded the study certificates in person. In the opening ceremony, the LUM President Dr.Hess encouraged these students to study hard, feel the American universities culture and master more knowledge.