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Professor Wu Guanghui from XMU Delivers a Lecture in GMU

Author: Posttime:2014-04-14 16:24:00 View Count:82

      On the afternoon of April 10, Professor Wu Guanghui from the School of Foreign Languages and Culture of Ximen University (XMU) delivered a lecture under the theme of “Geopolitics ad Civilization of East Asia” and more than 200 students attended the lecture. 



       From the perspective of the interrelation between geopolitics and civilization, Professor Wu Guanghui offered the exposition on east Asia geopolitics, Japanese thinking mode, how to deal with conflicts etc and gave the explanation to the problems concerned based on the international point of view. From his points of view, the conflicts between China and Japan were “structural”. Among those conflicts, misunderstanding and hostility resulting from historic conflicts increasingly extended. The cultural values resulted in sense of vigilance and insecurity and the conflicts of international interests’ pursuit and orientation. We should cope with that from the perspective of “culture” to increasingly explore the peaceful development of China.