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Clinical Medicine Majors Attestation Mobilization Conference was Held in GMU

Author: Posttime:2013-03-15 15:00:49 View Count:286

       On the afternoon of 19th March, clinical medicine majors attestation mobilization conference was held in Huangjin Campus and was attended by GMU President Han Limin, Vice President Liu Min, Clinical Medicine Majors Attestation Panel members, clinical medicine majors directors, teaching & research office directors and lab directors.


       During the conference, Vice President Liu Min delivered a speech on Notice on Establishing Clinical Medicine Majors Attestation Panel of GMU and Xin Ganhai, director of Academic Affairs Office of GMU, distributed the very tasks on clinical medicine majors attestation.


     During the conference, Han Limin pointed out that clinical medicine majors attestationwas significant to innovate teaching ideas, promote teaching reform, put emphasis on students, promote professionals development, strengthen exchange and promote the sustainable development of GMU. Clinical medicine majors in GMU were the top majors with GMU characteristics. Clinical medicine majors attestation was urgent and earlier attestation meant early seizing the initiative to promote development of GMU.
      The faculties concerned were required to lay equal emphasis on the hardware and software development, take the whole situation into account, offer full support clinical medicine majors attestation, study the standards, pay close attention to implementation, develop fine work atmosphere, seize opportunities, make full preparations and study hard. 
      Han Limin hoped all faculties took immediate action to make full use of all GMU’s strength to rejuvenate GMU.



      Vice President Liu Min demanded all panel members to make a fine plan, implement it step by step, respectively take the very responsibilities, make good coordination, fully comprehend the very document, take good measures and make fine implementation to welcome the coming of clinical medical majors attestation.