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Library Holds the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Book Culture Festival

Author: Posttime:2014-04-18 15:00:00 View Count:132

     On the afternoon of April 17, Library held the opening ceremony of the 2nd Book Culture Festival under the theme of “Shu Xiang Ganyi, Yue DuRensheng” or “Embracing GMU with the book festival and reading books all one’s life with pleasure” in the Academic Hall. GMU Vice-President Liu Qian, directors from the Propaganda Department, Youth League Committee and the library, library members and more than 100 students attended the ceremony.


     Liu Qian delivered a speech and proclaimed the ceremony open. He called upon all faculty and students to read more fine books to broaden the vision, cultivate the moral character and nourish the nature.



     During the ceremony, those who won the prizes in the activity “A Letter to Mother” were commended. At length, the present participants signed their names in the banner “Stimulating the Enthusiasm for Reading and Building GMU a University with Book Festival”.