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GMU President Han Limin Attends the Campus Culture Construction Conference

Author: Posttime:2014-04-16 16:17:00 View Count:87

      On the afternoon of April 16, GMU President Han Limin attended the Campus Culture Construction Conference and listened to the reports made by directors on campus culture construction. Hosted by GMU deputy Party Committee Secretary Chen Xin, the conference also attended by 10 directors concerned, including the one from Propaganda Department.
      After the reports, Han Limin offered his understanding to culture based on “On China Culture in Xi Jinping’s Visit to Europe” and “On Sino-Japanese in General Liu Yazhou’s Lecture: System, Strategy, Belief, Fortune”, expositing the culture importance to a nation, a party and a university. Han Limin pointed out that various mediums were employed to build a culture brand to merge GMU culture into Socialism Core Values and China Culture Outlook.