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“5•25” College Student Psychology Education Promotion Month Inaugurates

Author: Posttime:2014-05-06 15:25:00 View Count:128

      On the morning of May 6, “5·25” College Student Psychology Education Promotion Month inaugurated in Huangjin Campus. The assistant to GMU President Li Hanting and around 200 students attended it. 



       Li Hanting delivered a speech, saying that psychology education was very important, that the fine atmosphere for college student psychology quality and level should be intensively structured and that psychology knowledge should be promoted in multi-channel and multiform so as to boost the college student psychology quality and level. In particular, those who did badly in study, came across disasters and developed affective disorder must be focused on.

     The director of the Division of Students’ Affairs and the student representative respectively delivered a speech. 
      After the Opening Ceremony, the present teachers and students signed their names in the propaganda banner.



     Under the theme of “Fang FeiXinling, KuaileXiangban” or “Open Your Mind, Gain Your Happiness”, activities in terms of outward bound for interpersonal skills, interviewing from journalists, psychology lectures, psychology theme class meeting etc will be conducted.