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GMU Holds the Grand Ceremony in Memory of the 95th Anniversary of May 4th Movement

Author: Posttime:2014-05-04 18:37:00 View Count:79

      On the afternoon of May 4, hosted by GMU Youth League Committee,GMU held the grand ceremony in memory of the 95th Anniversary of May 4th Movement in Huangjin Campus. GMU leaders Han Limin, Liu Qian, Liu Min and Li Hanting attended the ceremony and presented the awards. Around 400 people, including the directors from the departments concerned, leaders concerned from each school and league members, attended the ceremony.



     The ceremony started with the Kwando Aerobics. During the award-presentation, the students put on performance. And the ceremony ended with the sign language “the Best Future”. The captain of Youth Volunteer Service Wu Ruoqing, the Advanced Youth League Branch Chen Yuliang and Excellent Youth League Leader Liu Xing respectively delivered speeches.




     During the ceremony, 32 Advanced Youth League Branches, 30 Youth Volunteer Service Advanced Units, 316 Excellent Youth League Leaders, 560 Excellent Youth League Members, 190 Excellent Youth Volunteers, 10 “Excellent Students’ Union Leaders” and 10 “Excellent Society/Association Workers” were commended.