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The SFCMS Carries out the Volunteer Training for Emergency

Author: Posttime:2014-05-14 13:25:00 View Count:126

      In May 10, the School of the First Clinical Medicine Sciences (SFCMS) invited the trainer from the Medical Emergency Center of Ganzhou to carry out emergency training for 236 students who joined in the Youth Emergency Volunteer Service Team.




     This training boasted 4 parts, namely, how to call 120, the emergency knowledge and skills for the injured, the common accident emergency pre-hospital care and CPR knowledge and skills. After 3 hours’ training, theory examination was conducted. Those who passed the examination were selected to the 3 emergency stations in Zhanggong District and another 20 students acted as the reserve force.
      It is known that the Youth Emergency Volunteer Service Team is the first one in Jiangxi Province.