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Professor Ye Yiduo from FJNU Delivers a Lecture in GMU

Author: Posttime:2014-05-28 16:44:00 View Count:141

      On the morning of May 28, Professor Ye Yiduo, a doctoral degree supervisor and the renowned expert of school mental health education and counsellingfrom Fujian Normal University (FJNU),delivered a lecture in GMU. GMU Vice-President Liu Qian and around 200 students attended the lecture.
      During the lecture, under the theme of “Psychology Health & Successful Life”, Professor Ye Yiduo employed numerous samples to exposit the significance of mental health and successful life and how to keep mental health and create successful life. Professor Ye Yiduo pointed out that those who were psychologically healthy tended to rationally control their conduct and that successful people owned “4 distinguished characteristics”, namely, cherishing the current, keeping their personalities independent relatively, avoiding senseless comparison and active thinking and conversation. He hoped young teachers and students took satisfactory points of view to the past, well cherished the current and optimistically faced the future.


     After the lecture, Yang Xiang, a student from Class 6 of Batch 2013 majoring in MBBS, said to the journalists that Professor’s lecture was significant for him to clearly realize the importance of mental health to success and that he would know more knowledge concerning mental health.