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GMU News Works Win National Awards

Author: Posttime:2014-06-24 12:12:00 View Count:118

       Recently, 4 GMU news works won national awards based on the result from the Fine News of China University Newspaper.
    “Si daogongxuzhengchuzhaopinhuishang “xiangmomo” or “4 Procedures to Cultivate Fine Talents for Job Fairs” and “Women jiuxuyaozheyang de haoyisheng” or “We Need Such Fine Doctors” written by Wang Chunhua respectively won the second award in communications and the third award in photography. “Guangminglaidaowoshenbian” or “The Light Stays with Me” from the student journalists Huang Lin, Zhang Yi and Wei Wei won the third award in communications. “‘201314’zheng de ainiyi sheng yishi” or “‘201314’Implies Loving you all my life” from XieYuntian won the third award in remarks.
      It is known that 2,974 entries from 624 universities in 28 provinces participated in this contest, including the municipalities and autonomous regions