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Teaching Plans Exhibition of Teaching Masters Candidates was Held in GMU

Author: Posttime:2013-05-10 09:52:00 View Count:208

       From May 7 to 9, the Teaching Plans Exhibition of Teaching Masters Candidates was held in Huangjin Campus of GMU. It was based on the 243 full-time teachers’ teaching plans, drafts and coursewares eva luated by a panel of experts. 46 teaching plans were presented, including 24 excellent ones. Teachers attending the exhibition put the emphasis on the merits of the excellent teaching plans and preparing lessons, organizing teaching contents, researching the textbooks and designing interactive activities in order to boost the quality of preparing lessons and teaching achievements.
      According to the Tentative Regulations for Selecting & Managing Teaching Masters in GMU, the university has initiated the selection of the teaching masters for the first time at the beginning of this semester. 24 candidates participated in the teaching contest based on students’ ballot and experts’ selection. On May 11, the Presentation Contest for Teaching Masters Candidates was held in Zhanggong Campus to select 12 contestants to participate in the Classroom Teaching Finals.