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President Liu Qian Raised Requirements for the Literature Retrieva l Teaching

Author: Posttime:2014-09-10 19:29:00 View Count:83

      On the afternoon of September 9, the director of Teaching and Research Office for Literature Retrieva l Zhu Weidong held the report meeting for the course “Medical Information Retrieva l and Utilization” of Batch 2014 graduates in the Academic Hall of the library. GMU Vice-President Liu Qian, directors from the Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Graduates’ Affairs and School of Basic Medicine Sciences, together with Doctor Wu Longhuo, were invited to attend the meeting.
      Zhu Weidong made an introduction to the course in terms of significance, teaching characteristics, teaching methods, teaching materials’ preparation etc and the persons concerned raised advice and suggestions.
      Liu Qian raised the following requirements: Firstly, the proportion of teaching practice should be added in the teaching arrangements. Secondly, the theory and practice classes should be rationally designed and closely linked. Thirdly, academic morality should be attached great importance in teaching. Fourthly, practice locales should be put in place.