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GMU Gained Excellent Accomplishments in the 13th“Challenge Cup”Contest of Jiangxi Province

Author: Posttime:2013-06-04 08:33:33 View Count:175
         On June 2, the 13th “Challenge Cup” University Students Extra-curricular Academic Science & Technology Work Contest of Jiangxi Province, jointly hosted by the Communist Youth League of the Jiangxi provincial Committee, the Department of Education of Jiangxi Province, the Association of Science & Technology of Jiangxi Province and the Students Union of Jiangxi Province, approached the end in Nanchang. Li Hanting, the assistant to the GMU President, attended the opening and closing ceremonies and directors of Youth League of GMU and the schools went for observation learning.
     The Youth Leagues of the schools actively organized students to make works and received 69 ones at length. 4 works were selected to participate in the Finals of Jiangxi Province. After the experts’ review and open reply, “The Quality Criteria Establishment and Active Constituent Test to Polyalthia Plagioneura, Lindera Aggregate, Polyalthia Cerasoides And Pithecellobium Dulce Benth” from Li Chao, Jiang Ziwei and Liu Xing, under the direction of Liu Bingjing and Zhang Jian from the School of Pharmacology, won the second prize.
      It is reported that “The Challenge Cup” University Students Extra-curricular Academic Science & Technology Works Contest, an oriented, demonstrative and mass contest, is regarded as the Olympics of University Students Academic Science & Technology. This contest aims at initiating university students to uphold science, pursue genuine knowledge, study diligently, make innovation with keen determination, meet challenges and cultivate the innovative spirits and practice capabilities of the university students, which is not only a major channel for university students to serve the social and economic transformation, also an efficient path for students to facilitate converting theories to realistic research achievements. Currently, this contest has become a significant medium to embody the level of running a school, education quality and the comprehensive students’ qualities.